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Oceania Buoys Marine Weather is in Australia and New Zealand Now

Are you tired of finding the best conditions for your surfing or sailing activities? Unsure if your drone can handle the winds? Then, Oceania Buoys Marine Weather App can help your weather-related activities.

We cannot deny that the weather is unpredictable. There are times that unforeseen events would happen in the middle of our memorable activities and hobbies. Weather can influence a sailor’s sailing experience. The same is true for surfers who want the best waves to ride. We could prevent accidents if we get access to these crucial meteorological data.

Thanks to technology, knowing the weather is within our reach, literally at our fingertips through our smartphones. Surfers, sailors, pilots, and drone pilots, as one, we seek the best weather app to provide us with up-to-date data to help us forecast and affect our every single decision.

If you are one of us, you need an app that provides real-time access to weather data. Oceania Buoys Marine Weather is the best app for marine weather.

App Logo and Welcome Screen

How This Weather App Works

Oceania Buoys Marine Weather app synchronizes real-time data from the Bureau of Meteorology and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) gathered from thousands of buoys across the globe.

Just a quick note that the data is highly dependent on the buoys. Sometimes, you may find that a buoy is not reflecting live data. It could be because the buoy itself is not sending weather data and not the app’s fault. As an alternative, you may choose its nearby buoy.

Using the app is as easy as 1-2-3. You can either use the map or search the name or location of the buoy that you want to get data. Turning on your location services or GPS would be easier to find the nearest buoy in your vicinity.

Locations Covered in App

This weather app gathers data from thousands of buoys in Hawaii, the Coral Sea, Indian Ocean, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, and the Philippine Sea. If you are not from the mentioned regions, check out NOAA NDBC Buoy Live Marine Weather.

Live Weather Data in App

Available Weather Data

As you find your selected buoy, clicking it will display the weather data available such as sunrise and sunset, wind speed, wind direction, gust, and many more. These could greatly help you in your sailing, surfing, or piloting decisions.

Weather Live Webcam

You can also view a live feed from the webcam feature in the app. However, it only works for buoys in Hawaii currently. It’s a great feature to find those big waves for surfing!

Favorites and Push Notifications

The app also allows you to add favorite spots. It allows you to receive push notifications and alerts. Make sure to check your phone notifications and avoid ignoring them. This might be something you do not want to miss while enjoying your favorite hobby.

Premium Services

If you don’t mind spending an extra buck, spend it with the app’s premium services. You have two premium choices. Firstly is the premium that removes ads in-app. It only costs less than a dollar. The second option is a lifesaver. You can get more push notifications and alerts. Plus, you can find the best spots suited for your needs.

Buoy Suggestions
Available Buoy Suggestions

If you live in these places covered by this app, download and get it now in AppStore or play store. For those living in the US and the UK, you might want to check the NOAA NDBC Buoy Live Marine app.