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NOAA Buoys Live Marine Weather App

Have you ever felt frustrated at the lack of data in your weather app when preparing for a nautical adventure? This app may just be a game changer. NOAA Buoys Live Marine Weather is a must for anyone into sailing, fishing, or surfing. The app is well organized and comprehensive. It provides real-time data, straight from the source, on more than 500 weather buoys.

weather app marine weather data

Data available is limited only by what is provided by the buoys. Typically it will include average wave height, wave period, sea level pressure, pressure tendency (rising or falling), air temperature, water temperature, and dew point. The app also gives sunrise times, sunset times, and wind speed. Each data set has a time stamp.

weather app marine weather outlook

Besides live data, each buoy page includes a map and a list of nearest buoys, so that you can find alternate information if your preferred buoy is not uploading data.

Although forecast information is not included per se, a news feed provides two and five day regional weather outlook information. This includes cyclone and typhoon warnings.

weather app nearest buoys

This weather app is responsive and easy to navigate. The only downside seems to be information gaps; but this is caused by a failure of the buoy to upload data, not of the app to find what is available. All data you might find elsewhere on the web is here inside the app, aggregated in a user-friendly interface.

Paid Subscriptions

Although the app is free, a paid subscription is also available with extra push data and news messages. It also will alert you to the risk of high waves close to your favorite buoys. When one of your favorite buoys is experiencing unfavorable conditions, the app suggests nearby buoys where wind, air or water temperature is different.