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Welcome to BiseNews. Let me share just a little bit about what we’re about and what we do. 

Innovation and Technology have shaped our world. Even a few years back, we could only imagine self-driving cars. Hardly anyone owned mobile devices. Fast forward a decade or two – we are basking in the glory of a new, modern tech based life.  Everything is just a click away!

Our new life owes its thanks to the spawning of technology and monumental inventions. But just as the tech revolution makes our life easier, it also makes it hard for people to keep their online data confidential. Cue the entrance of Cybersecurity.


What You’ll Find Here

Bisenews covers the latest news on them by serving before you the best of ‘Innovation’, ‘Cybersecurity’, ‘Mobile Apps’ and ‘Engineering’. All key topics you want to keep up on. But since our life is monotonous and colourless without a pinch of entertainment, we also cover trending topics on ‘Basketball’ and ‘Wine’. Related stories from every corner of the world will spice up our web portal. We hope it enriches your leisure times and encourages you to come back, time and again. We are constantly working our best to keep you updated on the latest news around the world.

about technology (don't drop the ball)

Do you have a topic you’d like us to cover? An app you’d like us to review? Or is there a cybersecurity question you need an answer to? We love feedback and input from our readers. Please feel free to drop a note via the contact page. Every message is read and considered.

Thanks for being with us for this journey. Together, we’ll explore tech news, cybersecurity and entertainment. From now on, consider yourself one of the BiseNews team. This is where we hang out and talk about what is interesting to us. This is your new stomp