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Navigation Marine – The Best App, Simplifying Marine Navigation For Sailors

Who knew iPhones would revolutionise navigation! But they thankfully have. They’ve simplified the job for sailors, helping them reach their destination more effortlessly than before. All thanks to nautical apps like the Navigation Marine, a tool loaded with nautical applications, for guiding boats and yachts to the right direction. Compatible with iPhone and iPads, it’s by far the best marine navigation app for 2019, available for free downloads and installations.

Wondering what enriches it? Take a peek into the same, if you haven’t used it yet and get to know all about it from this review.

Features Making it the Best App Worth Installing

Proudly belonging to navigation and utility genre, what makes Navigation Marine a go-to boat navigation app have been listed down. Go through them to unveil why is it worth the extra space consumed in your iPhone or iPad.

  • Simple Interface

One of the many reasons why Navigation Marine is the best boating apps for 2019 for users is the uncluttered screen view. Get a glimpse of it below.

Simple Interface

As you can check from the picture illustrated above, there are only four widgets. They are ‘Instruments’, ‘GPS Info’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Waypoints’. Instruments feature the speed and course over ground, along with the compass direction. GPS tracks the current location, including altitude and geographic coordinates. The app provides this data in default units. You can easily change it to a suitable unit by accessing ‘Settings’. Just take a look below.

  • Helps Measure Speed, Distance & Course Over Ground

It’s a 3-in-one app, helping users measure distance, speed and course, in suitable units of degrees, knots and nautical miles. Speed can well be modified to km/h, mph and m/s. Similarily, you can alter distance to kilometres and miles.

What’s more, you can even save your waypoints, and check out the same later, edit them or even delete them as you wish.

save your waypoints
  • Summarises Everything Under The GPS Information

The data, from current location to altitude and GPS Time (UTC), stands all under a single tab called the ‘GPS information’. So, you need not jump from one widget to another to keep track.

GPS information

Route Planning Is Just A Tap Away!

So, it all comes down to tapping and waving of an iPhone or iPad to estimate the time to navigate to a destination with Navigation Marine! Try it out today, and you’ll fall in love with its simplicity and functionality.