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Firefighters Emergency – The Best App To Tackle Fire Emergencies!

Fire breakouts are common and the only way to stay safe or prepared for the same is by memorising fire emergency facilities from where you can seek help. But, we are humans, right? Not everyone can recall them during a crisis. This is exactly why disaster apps are available and Firefighters Emergency is one of them. What makes it a great fire department app for iPhone has been covered under this review. Go ahead and explore its features.

Features That Make It An Awesome Firefighters Emergency App

Wondering what made it one of our favourite fire department apps for iPhone? Well, here’s your answer.

Gives Access To All Fire Emergency Facilities Near You

Firefighters Emergency, as the name suggests, is a wonderful way of fighting a catastrophe in case of fire outbreaks. And, that too from your iOS-enabled device! Whether you are in a school, office or at home or anywhere in the United States, you can always get access to your nearest emergency facilities and save yourself as well as others from a life-threatening risk.

Firefighters Emergency

Supplies A-Z Of Equipment To Fight Firefighters Emergency

Whether it’s massive things like water tank, fire water pond or simple yet equally important supplies fire hydrant, fire hose, fire alarm box, suction point, fire flapper etc, you can expect the GPS location of everything right at your fingertips.

Supplies A-Z Of Equipment

For instance, if it’s Beacon Street, check out for yourself the addresses of fire hydrants and necessary supplies, listed down below.

Beacon Street Address

On clicking any of it, you can find out every detail, right from coordinates to the location on a map.

map location

There’s also the option of marking it as your ‘favourite’. This works great for people, who wish to remember emergency facilities near their home or workplace, for quick access at the time of crisis.

favourite marking
  • Great Coverage

Speaking of the area, it covers the entire United States and presents 30,000 fire emergency facilities available near you.

Great Coverage
  • User-Friendly

Even a technically challenged person can operate it without facing any issue, which is one of the many strengths of this emergency management app. No matter how you choose to search a facility or equipment, be it by region, address, geolocation, street name or US state, you are bound to come across the same in a jiffy! Check out the same by a map below.

GEO Map Location
  • Uncluttered User Interface

Unlike other fire incident command apps, it features a clean interface with up to 5 widgets, right at the bottom. The same makes it easy to use.

  • Operable On iOS-Enabled Devices

Whether you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can always download and install Firefighters Emergency, without a glitch.

Stay Equipped, Stay Safe!

Download today, stay prepared for fire breakouts in advance and manage such crisis better with this cool disaster app.