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MemoryABC: An Educational App that is Fun

There are educational apps, and there are educational app s. Many of the apps you’ll find marketed as educational are more games than anything else, full of bright colors, flashing screens, and far too much stimulation for little people.

educational app screenshot: memoryabc

Not MemoryABC. Here’s a simple alphabet memory game that is tastefully illustrated with fun animal pictures. The animation is not flashy or in your face, but this app is not boring either: there’s plenty here to capture your children’s imagination. It’ll give them a mental workout, too. All their brain cells will be fired up as they try to remember which animal was where.  Was the vulture up there in the upper right corner, or was that the quail? Where was the iguana we turned over three turns ago?

Multilingual Memory

educational app options

A memory game is available for five alphabets: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish. There are single player and multiplayer options,. For each game you choose how many cards you’d like to play with. There’s even a four card game for the littlest novice player. The highest you can go is forty cards. More than that and they’d simply get too tiny for the phone screen.

avatar choice MemoryABC

For each game your child will have the option of choosing an avatar and typing in his or her own name. Of course, a default option “Player 1” is available if your child doesn’t type yet.

Children love the whimsical illustrations. They also enjoy the challenge of remembering each card’s place. If your little one wants to work on their alphabet there is an option to scroll through the card deck as well. This can be very helpful for memorizing the alphabet. You could use it, too, and learn the names of the animals in other European languages.

The bottom line? MemoryABC is a fun, entertaining educational app, one that provides children with an intellectual challenge without overstimulating animations.