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NOAA Snow Live Weather Makes Life Easy For Mountain People!

Winter is probably the best time to enjoy snowboarding, skiing, trekking and other activities but only if the snow permits. To this, the readers would unquestionably reply “how can you track the live status of a certain location and extract mountain snow report of a particular destination, you were planning to venture?” NOAA Snow Live Weather is the answer!

Developed by Andrea Bisegna, it might not have won first-class ratings till now but has surely stolen our heart. We believe, it’s one of the best snow report apps for 2019, and even you would agree to the same by having a look at its features.

NOAA Snow App Features That Caught Our Attention

Here are the features that won our hearts:

  • Measures Everything Related To Snow

Developed by Andrea Bisegna, it’s a highly functional app, providing data on the snow of a selected location. Right from snowfall to snow density, snow depth and further to snow water, it records all and presents it to the user.

  • Provides Accurate & In-Depth Mountain Snow Report 

The daily snow observations featured by the app is more accurate than ever. And, the same is evident from the source it ties up with, which is none other than the reliable National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC).

Regarding the reports being in-depth, you can get a cue from the screenshot shared below.


As you can check from the image above, everything has been shared about the American Creek.

  • Shares Live Data

One of the best things about the app is that it provides live data of snowfall, snow depth, snow density and snow water. The real-time observations are often referred by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for assessing request in case of disaster assistance.

  • User-Friendly

Speaking of convenience, NOAA Snow Live Weather app is quite easy to use, even by the technically challenged users. The interface of the app and the minimal widgets of up to 5, right at the bottom of the screen, are a reason enough to support the claim.

  • Covers 2600 Snow Stations

The coverage of the app might not be massive but enough for people dwelling in Canada and United States. Every snow station in the two countries is covered. You just need to select a region and check out the available snow stations for finding out the live observations.


You can even search by map or by the nearest station, as per convenience.


And, if nothing works, the magnifying glass icon right below, can take you straight to the mountain snow report of a particular snow station.

magnifying glass

Accessibility Anywhere

  • Works Offline

No network coverage? That’s not a problem if the searched location is present in your last available aviation.

  • Accessible From Every iOS-enabled Device

No matter what you use, be it an iPhone or an iPad or an iPod Touch, as long as it’s iOS enabled, NOAA Snow Live Weather will work fine.

Get the NOAA Snow App From the Apple Store!

You can download and open the snow app to enjoy snow reports right from your palm-top. Then plan an outing accordingly without risking life. Life isn’t so difficult, is it?